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    No.11 (top of stairs on left)
    9 Dowling St

    Experience the Light and Sound of God.
    ECK Worship Services, 11am third Sunday every month.
    Harold Klemp, Spiritual Leader on DVD, 7:15am, first Tues every month.
    Open Hours: Thursdays 10 - 10:40am
    At: 9 Dowling St, Dunedin.
    Books in public libraries
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    Auckland City

    I specialise in Past Life readings and regression, tarot card readings and aura healing and cleansing. join me on my website to learn all about spirituality through my blog.
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    610 Monument Rd , Clevedon

    Willow Therapy Farm is located on 54 tranquil acres of bush and forest, in Clevedon.
    Aided by nature, clients learn how to reconnect with 'Self' knowledge.
    Willow Therapy Farm provides retreat services as well as a range of Therapeutic, Spiritual and Personal Growth Services.

    With over 30 years experience in Energy Work and Mindfulness, and a post grad in Cognitive Behavioural Therapy, Debbie provides a range of intuitive led therapies.

    As an energy being experiencing physicality, we often experience emotion disturbances which are derived from Past life or multidimensional trauma. Cellular memory and genetic influences can also bring about emotion disturbances.

    Debbie guides clients through intuitive led visualisations to neutralise the disturbances from mind, body and etheric bodies.

    Therapy Horses and Dogs provide Equine Therapy and Canine Therapy in a wonderful synergy with Nature.
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