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    Life Coach
    Clinical Hypnotherapist
    Chartered Natural Therapies Practitioner

    You can live your heart's desire releasing fears and past hurts. Working with regression for past lives . Setting new goals and direct
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    In Latin, Ad Vitam means “for life”. We aim to empower people with simple and practical tools that they can use in their life, for their lifetime. These tools are based on mainstream disciplines such as psychology and science, popular literature.
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    Turn your annual income in to your monthly income and start living the life you deserve. We teach you how by utilising the principles taught in the movie The Secret, the law of attraction.
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    Do the systems now in place work? It may be the only way we know right now, but what if there was a way to simply ask and be given every answer to every question you now have, or will ever have?
    Who has your answers? You!
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    12 Oakview Lane

    EFT is a proven energy healing method used extensively by doctors, therapists, counsellors, and psychologists worldwide. EFT is a simple tapping procedure based on the connection between your body's energy system, your emotions and your health.
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    The Clinic
    192 Gloucester St

    I offer Therapeutic Massage, The Journey which is a powerful method of healing and empowerment pioneered by Brandon Bays, and Freedom Therapy, a unique blend of massage therapy & emotional release techniques to help relax & heal body and mind
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    a Comprehensive Directory on Body,Mind and Soul Courses & Ebooks: Programs are such as Self-Esteem Programs, Crystal Healing,Yoga Courses, Self - Healing Courses, Mind Power Courses, Positive Thinking Courses, Reiki, Confidence Building, Memory C
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    9 Dowling St

    Spiritual Aid, Counsellor, Rebirther, Life Coach in person, by email, and text.
    Life Celebrant:
    Consecration - Celebrating Birth
    Rites of Passage - Becoming the Adult
    Celebrating New Paths and Directions in Life
    Memorial Services - Celebrating Life.
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    227C Ocean Beach Road

    Mount Maunganui
    Do you really want to change your life and be able to live in total TRUST AND ABUNDANCE? This seminar will take you there. Team up with your True Power!
    Your life will never be the same again!

    More powerful than 'The Secret' or 'Abrah
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    15 Gravatt Road, Papamoa
    Papamoa Community Centre (inside library building)

    Each Thursday evening and Friday morning.

    With Active Meditation you can discover your life and body energy intensively. It’s an active work form that helps to improve the connection between feeling and thinking. It helps you to relax and be happy
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