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    I make an sell 'orgonite' products that clear contaminated psychic energy. They help against the effects of EMF, ley lines, thought forms and create a feeling of well being. I also work with entity management and home harmonisation
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    20 Alec Robins Road
    Lake Hayes

    Integrative therapy aimed at enhancing physical wellbeing emotional balancing and spiritual development
    Energy medicine to aid the body self healing abilities dissolve emotional blocks and re-write belief systems
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    9 Dowling St

    Spiritual Aid, Counsellor, Rebirther, Life Coach in person, by email, and text.
    Life Celebrant:
    Consecration - Celebrating Birth
    Rites of Passage - Becoming the Adult
    Celebrating New Paths and Directions in Life
    Memorial Services - Celebrating Life.
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    1283 Papamoa Beach Road, Papamoa

    ALIVE can show you how to live in freedom and express yourself in any way you want.
    With ALIVE you find the way back to the essence of who you really are: a self loving and joyful human being.
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    Holistic Lifecoaching
    Leisa van Smirren

    Crystal Healings
    Soul Journeys

    Courses available
    Email Leisa

    Available for personal readings within the North Otago area
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    28 Upham St

    Do you have issues in this life, which possibly have been brought through from a past life? Have a past life reading and help clear the blockages for physical, emotional and spiritual problems
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    Browns Bay

    Michelle's passion is the Power of Releasing the Past, your core dynamics that block you from living the life you desire that naturally emanates from your True Self. Learn to live consciously, not from past conditioning. This work is powerful for most life issues the past shows up in addictions, weight issues, family and relationship issues etc. Parents/parents to be..don't pass on unconscious, unhealthy family dynamics to the next generation become an aware parent and make different choices. Michelle also supports new Mums/Mums to be emotionally and spiritually, the past can especially be triggered at this time. Become empowered by releasing your unfinished business to be all that you can be.
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    422B Main North Road, Bay View

    Intuitive counselling face-to-face or by phone and hand-crafted numerology readings suitable as gifts. Dr Janett Levien has over 20 years experience as a medium and as a qualified life coach and counsellor.
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    610 Monument Rd , Clevedon

    Willow Therapy Farm is located on 54 tranquil acres of bush and forest, in Clevedon.
    Aided by nature, clients learn how to reconnect with 'Self' knowledge.
    Willow Therapy Farm provides retreat services as well as a range of Therapeutic, Spiritual and Personal Growth Services.

    With over 30 years experience in Energy Work and Mindfulness, and a post grad in Cognitive Behavioural Therapy, Debbie provides a range of intuitive led therapies.

    As an energy being experiencing physicality, we often experience emotion disturbances which are derived from Past life or multidimensional trauma. Cellular memory and genetic influences can also bring about emotion disturbances.

    Debbie guides clients through intuitive led visualisations to neutralise the disturbances from mind, body and etheric bodies.

    Therapy Horses and Dogs provide Equine Therapy and Canine Therapy in a wonderful synergy with Nature.
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    7706 Deer Lane, San Antonio, TX 78240

    Albert Town
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