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    Tushita Charitable Trust
    P.O. Box 8072

    New Plymouth
    The Way of Original Happiness, Ishta-Guru-Bhakti-Yoga; A Way of Life to meet the Demand of Love rather than fear, with the help of a Realised Spiritual Master, in this case the Western born Spiritual Adept Bhagavan Yanchiji. Tushita Charitable Trust.
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    I make an sell 'orgonite' products that clear contaminated psychic energy. They help against the effects of EMF, ley lines, thought forms and create a feeling of well being. I also work with entity management and home harmonisation
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    227C Ocean Beach Road

    Mount Maunganui
    Do you really want to change your life and be able to live in total TRUST AND ABUNDANCE? This seminar will take you there. Team up with your True Power!
    Your life will never be the same again!

    More powerful than 'The Secret' or 'Abrah
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    I have been an optimist, a visionary, a teacher, and a mystic since I used to help my teenage friends with their personal problems. My passion has been to inspire others into their inner conviction of the sacredness of life and their power to create
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    313 The Drive

    Discover how the 12 parts of the Lower Self Ego were born within your soul using the mind's of Anti-christ and Anti-buddha.
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    ‘Goddess practice is a spiritual technology that has been honed for hundreds and hundreds of years as a way of shifting our vision so that instead of experiencing the world in our own bodies as dance and heart and in many ways stuck and especially as being outside of us, we can begin to recognize the profound interconnectivity and indeed oneness between ourselves and each other and the world.’ – Sally Kempton
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    422B Main North Road, Bay View

    Intuitive counselling face-to-face or by phone and hand-crafted numerology readings suitable as gifts. Dr Janett Levien has over 20 years experience as a medium and as a qualified life coach and counsellor.
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    Womans Wellness Center
    Butler Street

    I will be down in Timaru South Island NZ on the 28th of November presenting a Soul Talk evening on the 1st December at the Woman’s Wellness Centre in Butler street, from 7pm. I will also be available for readings and healing work on the 2nd and 3rd.
    If you would like to come to the talk or have a reading or healing you can book through Lyn Mansel on 03 6844158 or 027 4969152
    The Talk is $15 and there will be Soul messages given throughout the evening, and the healings and reading are discounted to $50.
    Love and light
    Judith Farley
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    104 Berry Knoll Sitka, Alaska 99835

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